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Italautocar, a certified Company according to European quality standards since 1998,
offers a wide range of products for:

Tipping bodies, Platforms, Semi-trailers, Cargo boxes, Car trailers, Farm trailers

Italautocar, whose activity started back in 1956, is specialized in the design, manufacturing and distribution of components for commercial vehicle applications.
Tipping and fix bodies manufacturers find in ITALAUTOCAR the ideal partner for constructions in compliance with European Standards.

In 2016 we celebrated our 60th Anniversary. This proves the success and reliability of a Company that was founded in 1956 by Roberto Meschiari.

In these 60 years we have followed the path of innovation and reliability.

In particular, being innovative means for us investing in the development of new components providing simple and secure technical solutions. The key of reliability is, on the other side, being able to provide customized solutions ensuring an honest and responsible support.

The Company is composed by a staff of 40 people divided into 6 Departments (Production, Commercial, Administration, Logistic, Technical and Quality) and is active in worldwide market via an efficient network of local Dealers.

Our goal is to continue on this path of reliability and innovation following the imprint of a 60 years old tradition.